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Pandemic has made us shift online for most of our shopping needs. Since users cannot touch or see product live like they can while buying stuff offline, the only way they can know about the quality of product is by reading the user reviews of that product who have used it before. But sometimes seller can manipulate user by adding fake reviews or by adding reviews from fake accounts so that there review rating can go up. Hence to save users from such malpractices of thirdparty seller on e-commerce sites, we have come up with web application FAKE REVIEW DETECTOR.

User can paste the link of AMAZON PRODUCTS and see the amount of fake reviews related to that product which can save users from buying fake products.

  • Go to amazon website and copy the link of any product
  • Paste the link
  • See the oercentage of fake reviews assosiated with it
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Whats Next

We are looking forward to add more features in this web application, like Price Tracker which will track the price of product for specific interval of time and notify the user as soon price will be dropped so that user can buy the product at discounted prices.


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